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Inner rocker panel stiffening


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I have my rocker panels off and want to stiffen up the car while I'm in there. I've read that people use MG rocker panel support. Does anyone have the part number? What modifications, additions need to be made to this part? Any pics of this? Could you sandwich a piece of sheet metal with a piece of Chanel welded to it between the inner sill and new rocker panel. Any ideas, suggestions will be appreciated.

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Given the design of the rocker, a flat plate of 18 ga would be more than plenty.


The flex that you can fix is mostly at the front transition point anyway, where the loads from

the front suspension are fed down the door jam.  Once you get into the rocker itself,

it's not that heavily loaded, and unless you turned it into a girder, it's not going to

do much to resist torsion....


...at least, compared to the rest of the shell...



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