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Italvolanti Formel (NOS) & Indianapolis Formel Steering wheels

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FS Italvolanti Formel & Italvolanti Indianapolis Formel steering wheels. The Italvolanti Formel is a NOS item and never been mounted in a car, in absolutely mint condition. Would be really hard to find another one in this condition. Diameter is 350mm. US$490 OBO shipped to the USA. Item location is in Bentleigh East, Victoria, Australia


The Italvolanti Indianapolis Formel is in really good condition considering  its age. Diameter is 350mm. Unfortunately its missing 2 out of 3 screws that holds the  center piece to the wheel, but im sure some generic screws will work as  well. It looks very similar to the old school bmw motorsport wheel used  in race cars such as 3.0 csl etc which was made by Italvolanti as well.  These wheels will look really good in any old school bmws. Asking US$250  shipped to USA. Item location is in Bentleigh East, Victoria, Australia.

My paypal address is raymond@optionsmotorsports.com. Any questions please let me know






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