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Original 2002 parts - Heater boxes, transmissions, lights, small pcs, big pieces - make offers!

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Price:: 1.00

Location: : Lake County, Ohio

Hello all,


I'm new to this, but one of the members on this forum (Jeff Deitrich) suggested I list all my items on here after he saw my garage :)


Lots of pieces and parts to various cars/ unfinished projects.

Please see pictures.  I will add more as I drag things out of the garage.


You can see a lot of the parts on the Facebook 2002 group as well.

Please make offers, want everything possible to go to a good home but need it out of the garage...  No reasonable offer has been refused yet!




Please send me any questions and I'll check with my father as they were his cars/projects.


Thank you for looking!! :)

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