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video ..... Paul Bracq, a BMW designer of the 70s


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Certainly the 5 and 7 series he worked on laid the foundation for BMW styling up until Bangleland.  It was a careful evolution of design until then.


If anything the interiors really evolved the most from the early '70s to the early '80s.  Going from the 02 to my buddy's Dad's '83 320i is a big jump.  The orange lighting, the materials, the wrapping around of the cockpit in the 320i; all elements that really made it feel special compared to other cars; made it feel expensive and in some sense valuable.  I think the interiors were a bigger leap than the exterior designs, which were logical evolutions.  


It is neat that BMW is a company that cares enough about it's heritage to put a video like that together.  Thanks for sharing it.



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