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Wtb roundie, roof, light color, stock unmodified


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You could have my 73 Inka tii for $40K.  Just kidding. Not for sale.  I think if you look hard you MAY find a clean unmolested roundie tii for +/- $20K, clean base 02 $10-15K.  These prices are for cars that have relatively low mileage and have been pampered for most of their lives. If you find a clean 02 for less, don't hesitate.  They are getting harder to find, hence the high prices, and climbing.


Usually the best cars come out of dry climates, but not always.  Keep an eye on Ebay nationally. Or possibly Bringatrailer.com.  You can always ask a local 02 owner to view a car first, before you make any commitments, or plan any travel.


Not that many sellers on the FAQ, mostly 02-obsessed gearheads.  Not the best place to sell an 02 as we tend to tear them apart, looking for problems. We're sick.


Good luck.

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A few places to look, Gary:


Hemmings website.  Usually has some 02s and tiis.  They are usually nice ones, priced pretty high (or ridiculously high).  But they are there.  You can always start a dialog with the sellers and see what happens.


I've never looked at Autotrader "Classic", but there might be some on there.  


Use AutoTempest - you can search Craigslist and other sites nationally with it.  Last time I did a search on there I found a golf roundie in South Carolina that looked pretty decent.  Little old lady car, iirc.  It was priced high, but hey, if you want one you kind of have to go for it.  


Ebay is good, also.  


If you live in a place where there are a lot of vintage BMW people around, go to the shows and talk to people, and let them know what you are looking for.  If you seem like a decent fellow that is willing to pay what something is worth, you might shake one loose eventually that way.  Sometimes people don't want to sell but need to, or find a car they like better, so need to sell the current.


Happy hunting.  



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Not mine, no affiliation, etc...


Not stock but it looks like it could be brought to stock status with little effort, rear and front spoilers could be easily removed. Dual Weber carbs and manifolds can easily be swapped to a regular manifold 2 barrel carb. 5 speed conversion is a plus. Sahara rocks.





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