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Proper brake / clutch bleed order


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Good morning everyone,


Searching the FAQ, I've found a few differing notes regarding the proper bleed sequence to be followed after replacing my brake m/c.

Some say sequence doesn't matter at all.  From what I can see, the following might be okay:

1. clutch bleed 

2. right rear

3. left rear

4. right front (Outer top, Inner side, Inner top)

5. left front (outer top, Inner side, Inner top)

Any other thoughts?


Thanks (and Happy New Year!)


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I was always taught to bleed the brake furthest from the M/C first (right rear), then work your way towards the master cylinder, doing the left front last.  This would be particularly true if you had a break in a line, and/or you're replacing the master cylinder.  


I think I'd do the clutch last, 'cause if you allow the fluid level in the reservoit to fall too low, you might allow air into the clutch hydraulic feed line...




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