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Another NK ?


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Well, I'm back in the marketing for a 1964 / 65 NK.

I had a 64 NK granada but location, timing and simply the wrong color I gifted the car to another enthusiast / BMW shop owner in the Seattle area. My goal is to prep the Car for a PanAm rally and mimic the Tisa car. I will be building a rally car not a concourse restoration, but I'm picky about color or having to change the color. Found a 1964 wth a light green (not Florida) it's a green I have not seen on the 02's.

Does someone have the factory color chart for the NK ?

I have not bought the other car..yet ...would prefer to find a bristol/ gray car.

Any leads would be helpful. I already own a 68 1600 Bristol car...it my be a backup car.

Cheers !

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Did not intend to disguise the car and show not show more of the car. Previous owner has painted the car red. The only photo that shows the original color is the engine compartment. The last NK I had was Granada ....I found the car relatively quick and easy. The Turf car is a little more complicated. Time will tell :)

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