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Mystery Part


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Curious if anyone could identify this part, as I personally have no clue what its for.



Was hammering out the tie rod assembly when I heard this clink on my garage floor, when I found this little piece of metal.



Found this little bolt that looks like it was sheered off on one side.



Not quite sure what its for, considering theres no hole and the bottom is perfectly flat.



Maybe its just from a previous job, just fell, and the person working on it decided it wasnt worth the hastle.  Maybe it was just the right angle and just enough hammering to make it fall.  If it helps it fell off around the steering box area.

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That looks like the 'foot', or 'pad' from a C-clamp, which goes on the ball end of the screw.  

That'd be my guess anyway.


I have a couple that are missing that piece.  


Do you?


EDIT: since you included such nice photos, I figured I should add one.


This shot shows a foot that is similar to what is in your photos, as well as a clamp with no foot.  There is also a foot I made out of a chunk of angle, which works well for clamping round stock.  Two little welds were added by the hole and then tapped with a hammer to keep it on the ball.  That is how the tabs on your part would work, if I am even right about what it is.



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