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Hi! I located a leak of radiator fluid and water coming intermittently from behind the fanblades attached to the engine where is this leak what is this leak and why is this leak it's making me crazy?

Any help would be so helpful at this point.

That said I was in the forum earlier and talked about a intermittent leak that was probably coming from a very small pinhole in one of the hoses that went totally undetectable.

I found today in Boston's cold temperatures below 30 very mild driving probably about 3 miles that the steam started up again and sure and enough I noted that it was coming from the attachment to the engine from behind the fan blade!

This is a new one for me. Puzzled. Dez

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If you are really lucky it could be a hose leaking at the water pump.

OR, more likely it's the water pump.

The water pump (behind the fan blade) has a small hole on the bottom. When the pump is dying water leaks from that hole. Maybe time to replace the water pump. To confirm this is easy. You can see the hole from underneath the car. Shine a flashlight up behind the fan and upper pulley. You'll see water dripping or hanging from that hole.


Changing the water pump is quite easy and not too expensive.

Good luck.

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