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my '74tii is back in my garage !!


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Last August the head gasket let go.  I took it to 2002GarageWerks in Ontario.  Complete engine rebuild, and lots and lots of running-gear projects also completed that I should have done a decade (or more) ago.  I even have a shiny new stainless steel exhaust system !!


The fuel injection system will take a bit of tweaking, there is a stumble from 2,000 to 2,500 rpm.  Otherwise runs great.  Le says it's the air-fuel ratio, which is correct above 2,500 but leans out lower.  And he set the valves very loose for the first 500 miles.

    The engine now has 100 miles on it ..... at 500 miles I'll do the oil change then give him the BMW again to re-torque the head bolts, set the valves at the correct clearances, and he will then adjust the fuel injection and whatever else to smooth it out across the rpm range.


With all the new suspension bits and pieces, the handling is superb.It's good to be back in the driver's seat !!!!






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