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Front end smashed :( can Pinkey be saved?


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So I was headed straight through a green light and an Audi driving the other way attempted a left hand turn right in front of me and I hit him with my passenger front corner.  I was heart broken to see my Pinkie all smashed up :(  IMG_6220_zps97ce0dcb.jpg


The insurance company is deciding if my car is totaled or going to be repaired. I was hoping to get some advice and wisdom on this, can it be fixed? is it most likely totaled? what can I look at on the car to determine if it can be saved or not? If its completely toast, how much should I expect to pay for a 72 or 73 shell to swap everything over to? any advice would be greatly appreciated :) thanks!













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Anything can be fixed, but at what cost? Three of the four 2002's I've owned had "nose jobs" (i.e., nosepiece replacements) so I've grown pretty comfortable that a 2002 can easily survive that extent of damage. The cost of nosepieces was historically low enough, however, to make it an attractive option even for relatively minor fender benders. Yes, indeed, 75% of my cars suffered front end damage, but my driving was only responsible for one of those nose jobs -- if we ignore my '70's ignoble end at my hands, hands unfamiliar with trailing throttle oversteer! My personal opinion -- likely not shared by many others -- is that that percentage, 75%, may sadly be representative of the number of all 2002's that have had nose jobs!

The (outer) fenders are non-structural so they're not a big deal -- to me, at least. But where the inner fenders are substantially damaged/bent, matters quickly grow more serious, particularly if the inner fender has bent the firewall. And then there's the subframe. Has it been bent? And the engine? Has it been damaged? All of this damage is worse if the car has structural rust, such as in the front frame rails. So your assessment of your car's viability must now take into account both damage from this incident and it's pre-collision condition. And it must take into account the availability, or lack of availability, of replacement parts. It's a complicated calculation and you may easily find yourself battling your insurance carrier.

Someone who knows 2002's really needs to look at the car: many accidents are worse than they appear, but some are not as bad as they appear!

Good luck,


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HARSH!!!! Good thing you are ok!!


That will be a TOTALl! no question about it.


Like they have said get current prices and dont take the first offer, 

and try and get car to your house as soon as possible so you dont have to pay holding fee's or 

something of the sort. 


Now just get ready to Hurry up and Wait, 


Also to light a fire on the Insurance company get a Rental, 


Sure was a nice car!!!

Frank O

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That is terrible to see. :( Sorry for your loss. 


Thread hijack-----> How many of you guys carry full coverage insurance on your 2002's? I was thinking about getting just liability.

Price liability VS full coverage classic car insurance. Probably not a whole lot of difference in cost. Most use Haggarty.
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+1 on haggarty. My 73 is insured for $16,000.00 totaled or stolen. What insurance do you carry?


That is pretty awesome. I just went and did an online quote with haggarty's. Great deal IMHO. I have USAA on my main vehicle, but they are not exactly collector car friendly, and they are overpriced compared to other insurance out there. However you do get what you pay for. 

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Check your well being first. Aches and pain can and do show up after. Then If the insurance co. total the car, which is a high probability from the pics, try to buy it back and salvage the parts you can. Find a straight fictional rust free shell and start to rebuild. Once done. Insure with haggerty. I believe you can even insure with them during the build. Good luck with everything!

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That is totaled.

Question is whether you like it enough to buy it back and fix it. Anything can be fixed with enough money. It will be out of your pocket.

Re: full insurance. Collectors insurance is good, but you cannot use the car as a daily drive and must have another car that is the daily driver. That is why the rates are lower.

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So sorry for you and your car...At least you weren't injured.  A quick way to tell if there's serious frame damage on your car:  measure the distance between wheel centers on both sides of the car.  If there's a significant difference, your frame rails are bent and/or the subframe is kinked.  Based on the price of 02 sheet metal these days, even barring frame and/or running gear damage it's gonna be an expensive repair.  


Since it's rather obviously the other guy's fault, simply keep reiterating to his insurance company that you're the victim here, it's a collectable car, your baby etc.  and the insured's job is to make you whole again--status quo ante accident.  And make part of the deal you work out with 'em that you get the remains:  "for sentimental reasons (it's your baby, remember?)" or whatever works.  That way you'll have a bunch of spares for your "new" 2002 when you find one.


As an aside, I've had USAA insurance for over 45 years, and they've never hassled me about repairing any of my cars--and my daily drivers are all old.  They just paid a considerable amount for removing many, many hail dents from my E30 318is (see the Dec BMW CCA Roundel for the story) with nary a question--and that car is 23 years old--it's pristine but still 23 years old.  And...when I get a call from another insurance company soliciting my business, I simply ask if they can match/beat USAA's rates; no one has yet.  And many other companies won't write comprehensive on cars more than 10 years old either...




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