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After market turbo success stories?


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If you've put a turbo on your 02 M10 and have had long term success please post up. I've read many threads about turbo charging but haven't found the folks that have stuck with it.


If you tried and ended up taking it off I'd like to here that as well.



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Depends on what "success" means.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  One persons candy is sh** to another.  Looking back on it, the one I built in 1978 was sh**.  No electronics like today.  In any event, you need to be smart about it and drive it accordingly or it won't last long!

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Unless you have a factory turbo mechanical fuel pump, which I would not recommend due to cost and settting up, the starting point is EFI and electronic controls. How you set out spec'ing the rest is a matter of time, money, availabilty on parts that play well together, etc...

Although the core parts mostly bolt on, it stops there as to terms of success.


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Well it's not for the faint of heart. I haven't done it yet, but I've been slowly planning for years now. Acquiring and properly setting up EFI is the first step. That is a big challenge in itself. 


Now, it would be impossible to summarize everything that I've learned in the many years I've looked into this, but here are a few of the things you need to consider before even starting something like this.


It is going to take you a LONG time to get things correct. Unless you have done this many times before, addressing the issues you come across will seem nearly impossible, and a near-obsessive level of dedication is necessary. Take things in steps. If you go from a weber 32/36 with a mechanical distributor directly to EFI + Turbo + god knows what else, you are going to have a lot of loose ends. This is NOT something that can be rushed. 


Just getting electronic ignition (using a trigger wheel and megajolt) proved challenging for a few reasons in my own car. You quickly find that the factory harness is not up to snuff for the high amperage draws of these new systems. You find that nearly every single ground on the 2002 is complete garbage, and they require periodic maintenance to keep them corrosion free. So you add more grounds. And you add more batteries, that provide a more stable voltage in the system. You learn you need to use the correct shielded trigger wire, and that you can only ground it in one location otherwise you form a ground loop. you learn that parts sometimes arrive defective. Sometimes your misfire turns out to be corrosion on that ignition lead you thought would work fine. other times its actually carb related and you've been chasing your tail for a year trying to solve "That DAMN misfire!". 


The more you learn, the more you realize your previous shortcomings. You end up re-wiring as you change your method and learn to crimp tighter and seal better. You decide the old bosch alternators are CRAP and then realize you need to modify something new (cough, ac delco) to fit....


I could rant on and on. The point is, you have to hop over hundreds of hurdles before you can even START to look at adding a turbocharger. And for the record, I'm doing this on my daily driver. On my only car. in weekends. without a garage.


Why? Because when it all comes together and works, it is so damn worth it. But you need to be a little (okay, a lot) of crazy. People get discouraged and quit; as evidenced by the multitude of "half finished projects". 


If you are serious, hit the books. If you really work hard at it, there is no reason why you cant have a Reliable, stupidly fast, easily drive-able, fuel efficient turbocharged m10. And you know what? It won't cost you very much if you are smart about where you get your parts. 

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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping that this thread would be more evolved as I am embarking on restoring my '76 '02 this year. I am hopeful and obtimistic that Ill prevail in my quest for fun, reliable, lightweight, attractive daily driver.

Like many of you, I have been collecting parts for some time; Megasquirt, fuel pumps & regulators, headers, intakes, you name it. I recently acquired a motor that was designed for boosted applications. I'm hopeful that it'll do the job it's intended.

Summary of Goals:


210-225 RWHP

Boost at 3K

High reliability

A/C and heating (may do custom/aftermarket)

Sunroof (aftermarket)

Customized interior (may include roll bar)

Better Braking

Significantly enhannced handling/Lowered stance

The recent purchase of the motor drained my car fund. I'll have to sell the Malaga car that was purchased as a fix & flip to fund my own project. For now I'd be satisfied if I could get enough to defray the cost of the bodywork and paint. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'll continue my research and prepare for the build when the weather breaks here in the Mid Atlantic. Im considerinfg a build blog. We'll see..... Fellow "club" Jgerock is a tough act to follow ;^)

Best of luck with your projects!


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I think you should send an email to midnightmotorsport@yahoo.com. That is the email for Patrick at Midnight Motorsport. He had personally built 2 turbo cars that have some long term success. I don't want to be the cause of his email blowing up, because he is busy enough. But he has some practical experience. I have been in both cars and they work. Well.

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