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dipstick color


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Depends on how you define "mustard." Although the photos don't seem to show it, my '76's -- which has not been repainted -- has chips and nicks and might be darker than it was originally. Thirty-some years of oil and filth residue? Here are a couple shots of my '76's engine (2742541, April 18, 1976), first in 2012, out for its overhaul, and second in 1983, the oldest photo I have showing the dipstick. The sales brochures might also show a dipstick in their engine shots.

But you're looking for a color name, color code, or RAL number. Right? Sorry. I'd probably describe the original color as a warm (slightly "orangey") yellow.





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Early cars had red dipsticks; later ones, a pretty bright yellow.  I thing the changeover came with the factory changed the dipstick holder style from the cast aluminum base with a pressed-in steel tube to the base that has a rubber connector between it and the steel tube.  Per the parts book, it appears to have occurred in late 1972,  when the E12 cylinder head was adopted (along with the 2 bbl carb), thus eliminating the need for an air pump and prompting a change to the dipstick holder.  


I found Testors model paint colors that are a pretty close match to both colors.




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