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Another 02 Sighting On TV


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I was watching TV with my wife.  One of her programs.  Not really a show I'd normally watch.


A strange thing happened.  In this program a car was heading toward camera at night and all you could really see is the headlights. Immediately I knew it was an 02.  I have no idea why.


Another edit and then they show the car swerve to miss hitting a person, and sure enough it was a pastelblau big bumper 02.


Once Upon A Time

Episode 11, Current Season (4)

"Shattered Light"


Sorry, unable to retrieve or post a picture.


Because this show is set in "Storybrook" I presume the 02 was thought to complement the production design of the show.  Interestingly Once Upon A Time is shot in Vancouver.  I should know that car. :unsure:



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