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False economy be damned!

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Any chance you have a used (or new) 323 throw out bearing CHEAP or free?


This has the 30mm surface height from the fork.

Used on 228mm flywheels/clutches

Typical 5 speed conversion part from e21's

Part number 21511204525


I'm working on a real tight budget resurrection barn find project car and want to get it all back together to shake it down first before spending oodles on new and other needed parts.


Gotta believe my contributions to this site both in satire and information are worth a little, no?


PM me please.

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Weld bar stock to the fork and use a 2002 TOB. Todd21 did this. Works great!



I saw that trick on another forum and thought, yeah I could weld up a 10 mm bar stock onto a fork. Use a standard 5 speed TO then.

Might end up doing that but I am hopeful there is one laying around out there.


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