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for you winter drivers .....


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Ask a kid who grew up in the Canadian prairies before front wheel drive was a thing.

Driving in snow?

"Put three or four 50lb bags of sand in the trunk and reduce your rear tire pressure to 26-28psi. Snow tires help too, especially with studs."

"Oh yeah... don't forget to unplug the block heater before driving."

Good to go.

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Living in the south now I do miss LSD + 4 hakkapeliitta's and a big snow storm. There is nothing like a balanced RWD car, LSD, and a good set of snow tires.


I used to stop light drag race SUVs in snow storms in my M3. It was fun seeing the look in their faces when a RWD car would pull away from them. 


But I live in the south now, and i'm still driving my '74 tii and its December. This is an entirely new experience for me. Normally my cars get put away for winter late Oct or early Nov.

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