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Installing rear panel trim (between round taillights...HELP!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


I didn't get much help on the other list so here goes...it's a mystery to me:

The rear panel trim (purchsed new) for my '72tii's rear panel which goes between the taillights is "bowed" way too much, and does not fit properly. To make it fit I'd have to push "really hard" in the center and bolt with t-bolts...not something I'd like to do on a new paint job and between nice chrome taillight bezels.

I compared the new trim piece with an old piece off my '73tii and the old piece was much "flatter"....i.e. did not "bow" near as much. The new piece has about a 3/4" bow in it when placing it tip to tip on a flat surface and measuring the gap (without pushing down on it).

Anyone else experience this problem?



'72tii "Hugo" (coming together finally)

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Guest Anonymous

So far as I know, they should be flat or nearly so. Since the trim piece is held on with plastic nuts, too much strain on those nuts is liable to strip 'em. I'd call your supplier and ask if they piece is supposed to be bowed or flat... a 3/4 inch bow sounds like way too much to go on an essentially flat panel.


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Guest Anonymous

Your door will need to be disassembled. At least the vent window and support for it are going to need to be out of the way. My doors were empty when I did this.

There is a short 2-3" piece of metal in the top of the door window opening gap (under vent window, near rear of vent window). This piece of metal connects the inside panel to the outside panel of metal. Slice this connection, and your door gets real flimsy. Twist it a little past where you want it to line up. Tack weld it, see where it winds up. Hopefully a little past were you want it springs back to perfect.

Only tack it till you are sure. Then weld it completely back together.

hth David

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