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First 1973 2002tii (USA spec) - Project Car

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1973 2002 tii, Verona red, no sunroof, black interior.  VIN 2762630

Project Car For Sale:  Best Offer over $4000

By its VIN and confirmed in the factory parts book (see sections 51-4 and 51-8); it’s the first US spec ’73 built.  The car is all original—never modified—engine number matches the VIN and still has original paint where it’s not been worked on.  

The car was sold new in Massachusetts (probably where the rust originated) and brought to Dayton in the mid-90s.  A minor rear-end accident (teenage driver didn't stop fast enough) was going to total the car, but a friend bought it, pulled out the front end, replaced the radiator,  removed the A/C compressor and drove it.  I bought it from him as a winter car in the spring of 1996 and drove it four years until we discovered its significance as the first ’73 tii.  We talked a local body shop (they've done at least a dozen 2002s, including my 1974 2002) into tackling the restoration.   They only had a couple people who could/would do that kind of work; one lost interest and the other came down with Parkinson's, so the work was never finished.  It’s been in storage ever since, thus the dust on everything in the pictures.

See pictures at 2002tii?sort=6&page=1" rel="external nofollow">http://s50.photobucket.com/user/732002tii/library/73%202002tii?sort=6&page=1



The Good


About $5000 worth of new factory sheet metal from BMW Mobile Tradition bought in 2000 for the restoration: 

  • both rear quarter panels
  • both front fenders

  • trunk floor (spare tire well and gas tank support)
  • both inner rear wheel housings

  • both doors
  • nose panel

  • hood
  • trunk lid
  • rear panel

  • both rocker panels


  • Right side has the new inner rear wheel arch and quarter panel installed, along with the new door.  Some work done on floor, but the major rust area (where the master cylinder leaks) remains to be done. Extensive rust repair work has been completed on rocker panels, the front cowl area, and behind both front fenders.  Rear body panel has been removed in preparation for installing the new trunk floor and rear panel.  The damaged nose panel (the only sheet metal damage on the whole car—from the old accident) is partially removed. 
  • Includes removed body parts (If desired)
  • The engine was rebuilt in 1996 and has about 10,000 miles since the overhaul. 
  • New Blanton Ultimate transmission in 1996 (10,000 miles on it)
  • New alternator in 1998
  • Not driven since 2000 (indoor storage)
  • Has Behr A/C—but the compressor’s been removed. 
  • All the trim and interior pieces that were removed for body work are with the car as is the glass.
  • E21 BBS wheels with good tires

  • Leather wrapped Momo steering wheel

The Not So Good


  • Rust still to be repaired—under the back seat (leaking backlight gasket), driver's side floor rust from leaky master cyclinder, other miscellaneous spots on the floor.
  • Most of the new sheet metal is yet to be installed.
  • Dash and instrument cluster are in good shape but from a squarelight—easy to replace with the windshield out. 
  • Some trim and at least the driver’s seat upholstery will need to be replaced.


With tii’s becoming more valuable, an unmolested—if rusty—example with all the factory sheet metal necessary to repair makes a nice project package that will result in not only a nice restoration but also a historically significant 2002.  Dayton Ohio area, Best Offer over $4000

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Only recent in terms of mileage on the car.  It was done by Foreign Car Service in Dayton - I have should have the bill in the file, but haven't looked for it.  They probably have it on file also.  I will take a look.  It was burning a little oil before the rebuilt.  I think the oil pump was replaced, but it was so long ago, I might be thinking of my 1974 2002.

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I found the bill.  $1968.70 in parts for a total of $4567.36  Transmission was removed and a Blanton Ultimate Transmission $925 rebuilt installed.  I put a Metric Mechanic transmission in my 1974 - I think Blanton was the transmission guy from Mechanic Mechanic.  Distributor & clutch slave cylinder rebuilt at the same time.  The date looks like 10/24/96 on the bill (updated description above).  I obviously had plans to fix it up...   I should have all the service records from my ownership, and also the mileage log book.  I will sort through the car service records to pull out the 73tii from the rest.

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I sorted out all the service records.  Also have the gas /mileage log.  When I first bought gas for it there were 91051 miles on the odometer.  The engine & transmission were rebuilt (and new guibo) at 93030 miles.  Last gas ($1.35 a gallon) put in tank at 03092 (May 2000)- so it has about 10,000 miles since the rebuild.  That was when it went to the body shop.  Been in storage since last work was done on it.


Alternator was replaced in 1998.


Interestingly, I have a previous owner's first service record from when the car came to Dayton in August 1994 (also from Foreign Car Service).  As I understand it, the original owner had put the car in storage in Mass, for when his god son (in Dayton) turned 16.  Then it came to Dayton, and was taken to Foreign Car Service to be checked over and some work done.  Kid drove it for awhile and then rear-ended someone (as mentioned in description).

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..some guys I know would pay really really big bucks for the spare tire holder alone. I know your trying to keep this historic tii alive but why not tear it apart ( it's already mostly is) and make some serious bank? Not too many people out there who can tackle that kinda work load anyway. Let's be honest this is not for the weekend warrior. With All the parts and the car , you could easily make a lot more then your asking price. Like maybe close to triple what your asking.

Best of luck.


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