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1973 Fjord Blue


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It has some neat things and some not so neat things..... as always do a pre-purchase inspection prior to buying.  The belt trim is not there.  The 1.8L engine is .2L less than what it came with originally.  Apparently this one has fuel injection (which, as per the description "provide more fuel efficient and reliable operation").


If you'd like to learn more about what to keep an eye out for yourself I highly recomend the "02 Restoration Guide" and "The Restorer's Reference: BMW 2002".

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The E21 1.8 liter engine is slightly less powerful than the carbureted 2 liter engine original to the car, and the K-Jetronic injection system is much less sophisticated than the Motronics unit used on 84/85 318 E30s.  Carpet appears to be gray; should be a taupe/tan color...No windshield washer nozzles, and the trunk appears to be filled with power amps for the sound system...I'd question that it's worth more than an '02 with its original engine, but it's a pretty car.   



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I'll offer a personal philosophical perspective that "worth" is the incorrect question to be asking. 


I would ask myself the questions,  "Do I really want to drive a 41-year-old car ??  How much am I willing to spend to get myself into a 41-year-old car that is as good as that one appears to be ??  Straight body, no rust, good paint, great interior, good tires, runs excellent, low mileage, always garaged, has some bells and whistles ...... ??  Something that won't need another year of effort and money and headscratching dumped into it ??  Something that someone else already took the kinks/headaches/problems out of, and installed the bits/pieces/systems that function well ??"

    In other words, a 2002 that you can (perhaps) simply start up, drive away, and keep on driving for another 5 years without a problem, much less a concern ...... and then continue to drive for another 10+ or 20+ or 30+ years, amortizing the initial purchase price ...... 


Are there better 41-year-old cars out there ??  Probably.

Will you ever find any of those cars for sale ??  Maybe ??  Eventually ??

How long do you want to wait for "the car" to show up ??

  ---  if/when it ever does, how much will you then be willing to spend to get into "that" car ??





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Switching to a non-2002 engine, that is NOT vastly more powerful than a 2002 engine, is a decision that will perpetually constrain this car's value: it yields neither an "original" car nor an attractive "restomod" car! That said, perhaps this odd engine transplant does provide greater dependability or gas mileage than an original engine -- I have, however, never viewed any of my absolutely stock '02s as needing more dependability, and I no longer drive '02s sufficient miles annually to care about the gas mileage.

You asked for our thoughts, such as they are...



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If I were to buy that for say, 12k...now i'll need to source the beltline trim and clips, new carpet, something other than those front seats, because they don't match at all, any wheels but the ones on it, and on and on. Doesn't look like i'll make much selling those wheels and the stereo...so now I'm back up to 15k, and I don't even have a 2002 engine. That Optima radiator sure is neat though!

    I would wait and buy a car from a long term owner who is fanatical about 02's, and not ever,ever from a dealer. Of course, this is just my opinion, and not the 02 law. I've had mine for 17+ years and from time to time, I still wonder what 02 I would have wound up with had I been more patient and knowledgeable. My guess is a lot less heartache and a big ass chunk of dough for retirement :)





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