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article ...... an OCT 1996 road trip in a 2002


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In the summer 1973 my family drove from Connecticut to California and back in our '70.  Three kids in the back seat, ages 6,7, and 10.  I was the youngest so I got to sit in the middle over the driveshaft.  Of course, no AC, and no sunroof, and no music because the Blaupunkt radio didn't work.  I don't recall missing any of it.  Nowadays it seems that if you have two kids you need a monster truck with an entertainment system to be able to swing a road trip.


Oh, and I remember driving through South Dakota:  500 miles to Wall Drug ... 400 miles from Wall Drug ...  There's a small but offocial looking sign on one of the streets in Amsterdam that only someone with that experience could appreciate:  "You are 5,487 miles from Wall Drug, South Dakota, USA."

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