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6v generator rebuild


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So in my quest to continue expanding my knowledge and solve some charging issues, I've decided to try and tackle a generator rebuild. I suspect based on reading that it's the brushed in the generator causing issues, but in research I've found some parts:


Brushes: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carcode,1440322,parttype,2424

Brush holder: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carcode,1440322,parttype,2420

Drive end bearing: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carcode,1440322,parttype,2484


Outside of this, I found this generator rebuild vid: 


Anyone have any other words of advice on this by chance? Are those components above ok for a 6v?


Many thanks!



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Dave, kudos to you for preserving the 6 volt system.

The key to identifying and locating suitable parts is to go to the Bosch Oldtimet website, licate the diagram for the generator and identify the bosch part numbers. Go here: http://www.bosch-automotive-tradition.com/en/internet/automotive_tradition/wissen_1/wissen_iframe.html

Then you can google those part numbers and find replacements.

The brush holder on rockauto is not correct. I doubt you will need a brush holder. Brushes in the generator last a very long time. Have you opened up the generator and inspected it? The main wear item is the bushing at the back. You need to keep it oiled via the felt pad. More importantly the belt tension should be just enough to not slip. You don't want it as tight as it would be on a more modern alternator (ball-bearinged) car. If it's too lose you will know because the car will have a tendency to run warmer due to water pump pulley not being fully driven at speed.

I think I posted on the bushing source on my blog.

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Luis, thanks for the support! I'll be pulling it probably this weekend, I'll be able to get the part number and order the bushing. I also have a low voltage regulator I got from Vanetta when I had the starter rebuilt, so I might install that too. I was hoping to avoid adding extra parts but I'll do what I need if it helps. 


Your blog is awesome btw, I've seen that 1500 at the Welt and wished (now that I have the 1600) that I took as many pics of it as you did. Your 1800 is immaculate, I'm going to try and get my 1600 to that level. 

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