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My whole cluster is dead... Yeah..


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So, my 02 being my daily it's rather important to me to have somewhat readable working gauges. Over the past week the gauges stopped working. If I smacked the dash it would start working again. Well today marks the day that the dash smack officially does not work lol. So here is a list of what's working and what's not. I'm assuming some sorts of ground but I searched stuff and no one I found had the whole cluster die... This one really has me cornfused..


High beam light

Alternator warning light

Indicator light

Backlit instrument lighting



Fuel gauge




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Sounds like the knurled connectors that hold the cluster are loose or the wires connecting on the back of the cluster are loose, or you have a bad ground. remove cluster, make sure the brass screws on the back are tight, make a ground jump wire and reinstall the cluster.


Please use the search function and buy the red Haynes manual from amazon for details on how to do this.

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Don't remember off the top of my head which fuse your instruments go through, but check it first.  Actually remove the fuse, inspect the ends for wear/corrosion and clean the brass retainer clips.  


If that doesn't help, I'd suspect either the multiprong plug that connect the cluster to the car's wiring harness, or the cluster's circuit board, although neither item seems to fail very often.


Let us know what you finally find--it may help another 02er in the future.



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I will have too. I checked all the wires and its not that. Hoping to god its a fuse and nothing too serious as I can't have my car down for too long. I guess I can still drive it but I personally think a working temp and fuel gauge Is a must. The tach is nice when you are sliding around the back roads. No need to over rev the motor too...

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clean and oil your fuses in the fuse box or at a minimum roll them around where their seated...You  my have a little corrosion causing a lack of connectivity..



Do not oil your fuses. you'll make a mess and won't be doing anything except attracting dust. I recently made a thread on fuse box restoration you could check out. Get rid of the problems once and for all, and it only takes about an hour.



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