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Factory 13" BMW Steel Wheels - Set of 4 with Center Caps and Lug Nuts

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I am willing to ship at the buyer's expense.

Up for sale is a set of four (4) Factory 13" BMW Steel Wheels. These are 1977 stamped and came off my 1972 2002tii.

They come with the center caps (original) and lug nuts.


Real OEM Link: http://realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2933&mospid=47175&btnr=36_0000&hg=36&fg=10


Part #: 36111116430

Here is the shipping info for your calculations:

Four (4) 15"x15"x8" boxes at 17 pounds each from zip code 94582.

The cost breakdown to buy these brand new from BMW are as follows (see pic):

Wheel: $114.47 each (x4 = $457.88)
Center Caps: $21.20 each (x4 = $84.80)
Lug Nuts: $3.21 each (x16 = $51.36)

Total = $594.04

Thank you!














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I'm neither a buyer nor a seller of these rims, but just to be clear, the photographed rims appear to all be dated March 1977 (3 77) and they are a set of Kronprinz ("KP" with the "P" in a diamond) e21 rims. They are all marked 5 1/2J x 13 H2, ET18. They may well have been used on a 2002, but at ET18, they are not ideal for a 2002. Here's the RealOEM link to the correct part number:


Among 2002s, only the factory turbo came with 5 1/2 x 13, ET18 rims, and those would be dated '74 or early '75; rims accordingly dated are exceedingly rare and the ET18 was used with 185/70/13 tires and fender flares.

From a practical standpoint, however, 5 1/2 x 13, ET18, e21 rims are likely worth neither more nor less than 5 x 13, ET29, 2002 rims. Without flares or fender lip rolling, the 5 1/2 x 13, ET18 rims will certainly work with 165/80/13 tires and multiple users report that they will also work with 185/70/13 tires.

Good luck with your sale,


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