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Carb and Crank Pully (and/or megasquirt parts)

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Now that the turkey has digested I'll bug you folks for some parts.


I'm planning on doing a conversion to MegaSquirt on a motor that I got from a parts car.  I think it's a funny combination of a 76 USA bottom end (serial number) and a 68 head (car was euro).  I would like to start with a running carb/distributor engine and change over.  Enough blathering and to the point.


I need a carb (stolen before I got the car).  I'm not sure what it would have come with.  I don't need anything exotic.  Just a stock carb that is in a 'working OK' condition.  The intake has 4 bolts and two holes.  I'm not sure if the intake is from the 68 or 74.  If that description isn't good enough, let me know and I can measure.


Also looking for a crank pulley to modify and put a 36-1tooth wheel (EDIS) on.


or if anyone has any megasquirt part they want to part with I may be interested.


Let me konw what you would want for the parts, shipped to S0K 2T0 in Canada via USPS.





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