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175mm Tii-ish brake booster on ebay..


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I found this part for sale today ...


I know nothing of the guts under the back accordion cover of a 2002 booster, or any booster, really.  Is it universal in design, like the push rod in the front??


The photo of the sticker in the ad states that it's diameter is 175mm x 175mm.  what size is the Ti/tii booster?
MC mount looks to be common.

Gotta wonder what's behind that bracket????


very intriguing. 




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It could be made to work but not straight swap. The push rod is clearly taller - that could be shortened. The bolt pattern to mount the booster is often different in boosters made for different makes. But it's not that difficult to make a new mounting plate and weld it on the mounting frame, or just drill new holes if that's enough. But since it's different manufacturer and so different era also the master cylinder mounting may well be different... original is ATE not bosch.



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