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Hit and Run...


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New York City sucks for cars. I usually avoid corner parkings for this reason, but living one block from the Barclays stadium makes finding a spot a godsend on event days. Woke up to my sister telling me "a truck hit your car". I was dressed before I got out of bed, and I was ready to bust some heads. 


I go down my block to see my car half way on the sidewalk... worried, I ran around to inspect the damage, expecting the worst. Luckily, it was mostly cosmetic. A nice guy ran up to me and showed me a picture of the ordeal. Turns out the scumbags in a semi making a turn down my street (NOT A TRUCK ROUTE!) picked up my car and carried it so they could clear the turn. They didn't bother to leave their information, but I got their plate from a store owner and filed a police report. The company kept redirecting me and I ended up leaving a message which was not answered. Damage my car? so what. It's a car. Let insurance figure it out and I won't be that upset. Damage my car, put it on the sidewalk in a way that could give me a ticket, and then flee the scene of the crime? You better believe that I'm going to go after them with every bit of ammunition I can strike up. These pricks have no right to be on the road. 









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Mike... a few months ago something similar happened and a semi took out 5 cars. My neighbor was telling me that one of the guys was able to get a new car from the settlement; his car was pretty much totaled. My neighbor also had a feeling that it might have been the same company... I'm doubtful, but the point still stands that this traffic should not be anywhere near these streets. Barclays ruined the traffic around my neighborhood... even though the re-design is fairly well thought out, the influx of traffic is simply too great for the neighborhood and all of the residents suffer. I can't wait to move out of this city. 

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They look like a smaller company (135 power units)




Did the truck have the same name on it? (The load could have been 3rd partied out)


Get a hold of their claims/safety dept.  Even if it wasn't one of their trucks, they can tell you who was hauling it.


At least with the pic's being on photobucket, you can get christmas cards printed up to send to them.... :)  (thanking them for the new paint)


Hope it turns out




p.s. yes I did spend a bunch of years in transportation, and this must by why most drivers from the praires don't like going to NY....

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File a police report re persons in th epicture were trying to steal your car by carrying it off!


Over the weekend had some lamebrains break into a vacant rental house that I'm rehabbing--they first broke out a window and then couldn't figure out how to climb in with all the broken glass still strongly adhering to the window frame, so they jimmied the garage service door--and stole a friend's mitre saw that he was using to do some carpentry work for me.  


Naturally the loss is much less than the deductible, so I'm out a window (too badly bent/damaged to repair and Jack's out a power saw.  Morons!



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