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How to proceed with sunroof


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Despite my cars roof rust.



The sun roof manages to open, with gentle help, about half way using the crank. The car has a really nice headliner and I'd like not to take it out. Other than gentle persuasion, any advice on how to proceed freeing up the sun roof.


I thought rather than breaking something , I'd ask if there is a best way to do this.



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Coupla other suggestions for a happy sunroof:


With the sunroof open, carefully remove the aluminum panels along each side (do one side at a time) and examine the spirally wound cable you see.  That's what the crank moves to open and close the sunroof.   If it looks as if it's caked with old dried grease (or if it's rusty) clean the old stuff off and lube it with a minimal amount of white grease, silicone grease (or if you can find it) the "official Golde sunroof lube."  


When you've finished with the sides, do the same with the front side sections, and finallly the center section.  Removing the center section will reveal the gear on the crank handle.  Clean and re-lube the crank, and put a little light oil on crank handle shaft.  That should make the sunroof move a bit easier.  Also make sure that when you crank, the roof is opening equally on both sides and isn't cocked--that will make it harder to open and may break the cable or the plastic flange on the end of the cable that attaches to  the sunroof panel itself.


Happy tinkering.



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