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76 02 Body

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76 02 body in good condition. The only rust is a small section of the driver side floor pan and the driver side frame rail. $650 I have a add in the parts section with more pictures. The car has no motor or trans. Has diff and cvs. No interior except headliner. Im trying to keep this one on the road but I cant store it much longer. So if it doesnt go soon sadly Ill be parting it out. All sheetmetal will be available in two weeks. Local pick up in south west Washington.

Location: Washington<br />Year: 1976<br />Make: bmw<br />Model: 2002<br />classifieds-46387-0-28667200-1416669943_classifieds-46387-0-24142800-1416669964_classifieds-46387-0-64621500-1416669980_classifieds-46387-0-21167000-1416669996_classifieds-46387-0-68762800-1416670012_classifieds-46387-0-22470000-1416670029_classifieds-46387-0-17964000-1416670047_classifieds-46387-0-12317300-1416670063_classifieds-46387-0-52977100-1416670079_classifieds-46387-0-30417800-1416670098_classifieds-46387-0-33092800-1416670113_classifieds-46387-0-38917100-1416670128_classifieds-46387-0-45501700-1416670142_classifieds-46387-0-29200900-1416670163_classifieds-46387-0-96693900-1416670179_classifieds-46387-0-88323900-1416670195_classifieds-46387-0-03820000-1416670212_classifieds-46387-0-70917000-1416670228_classifieds-46387-0-67359200-1416670249_

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