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Bay Area Brisbane 2015?


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Hi Lisa--


BayArea 02 organizers have not yet selected a Swap & Show date for 2015, but we have not seriously discussed anything other than May. 2 May appears to be the most likely (between Mother's Day, Memorial Day and BImmerfest conflicts we do not have much choice).


It would be nice to finalize our date soon so we can get the date on everyone's calendar and start working on postcards and other logistics.  And feel free to bring any questions along on Not the 49 Mile Drive on 6 December (hey, that about 2 weeks away!).



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Andrew... you and Vern should get the "iron butt trophy" regardless driving all the way from Maine! 





Safe Travels! See you all at Brisbane!


Thanks, that's the plan, Lisa. Rob said he's OK with that too, hope he does Mid America as well. Here we are with Vern and Kugel, the cars are friends too.



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It would be great to see and finally meet Rob Siegel! I've followed him on the BMW digest and CCA for over 20 years! And I recently bought the NO LONGER AVAILABLE NEW STOCK driver side grille from him!


I'm a fan of the "Hack Mechanic" ! 


Lisa, buy Rob's book, the link is in his signature. He'll personally inscribe it any way you wish. I'm mentioned on pages 248 and 388. My fleeting chance at fame.


Whatever the date, I'll be there bugging people to let me take their portrait!



Please do, would love my portrait taken, so would Vern. I look like this emotocon =8-D

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