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Bleeder valve threading for brake cylinders and clutch slave


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From searching on FAQ, I found the following specs for the brake bleeder valves on my 1972 2002 non-tii:

- Front disc brake calipers: M7x1.0

- Rear brake cylinders: M6x1.0

But I haven't been able to find the spec for the clutch slave bleeder valve.

Looks like another poster asked the question for the slave bleeder specs awhile back, but got no answer.

Might someone know the threading for the slave bleeder valve?


And if the above specs are incorrect, please let me know.


Reason I'm asking is that I'm considering getting some SpeedBleeders:



Why? Because the older I get, the lazier I get.




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Be cautious (leery?) with the bleeder screws supplied in some rebuilt calipers.  If they are tall (longer than the original ones), the threads may not be the correct length.  I purchased some new bleeder screws from a BMW source and they seemed to match the original (short type) ones.


+1 on the Motive type pressure bleeder. Many threads on this here.


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