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Wire tracer significance - straight v. spiral


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I'm in the process of building a new wiring harness for my 1600-2 and have been comparing the actual harnesses to the wiring diagram from the factory blue book. I've noticed that the blue book doesn't differentiate between a spiral tracer and straight tracer.


Can anyone enlighten me as to the importance of using both types of tracer? Is it worth it to differentiate all the spiral traced wires (and buy all the extra wire) or is that too anal retentive?


**Edit: after some further thought it looks like the spiral traced wire is listed as being sized a bit bigger - 1mm2 as opposed to 0.75mm2 for the straight traced wire. I need to do some more investigation to see if all the 1mm2 wire is spiral traced as well as if this spills over into the other larger sized wires or that all the 0.75mm2 wire is straight traced.



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No, the tracer is either there or it isn't- there's no differentiation on whether it's twisted or not.


I noticed that, too, that the heavier gauges seemed to be spiralled-

if you look at the strand orientation inside the insulation,

I think the larger gauges have more, finer strands, and they're spiral- wound.


Or something.





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In doing further detective work tonight it appears that 1mm2 and 1.5mm2 wire has a spiral tracer. I can only imagine they did that to make those wires easily differentiable from the smaller 0.75mm2 wire. Either way that's the way I'll go with my build. all small wire with straight tracers, larger wire with spiral.

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easily differentiable?    how did we get from wires to calculus in one hop? 


..discernible.  I think that is what you were looking for.  It was late, and you probably had too many tom collins' while you were working.  ;)

discernible. that'll do nicely.


yup, I promptly went to sleep not 5 minutes after posting that. I've been staring at wiring for too much of my free time lately, starting to lose my mind.

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