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Weird wiring issue.


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Hello guys,


I wanted to ask for some help with trying to figure out my problem as I'm not sure what I actually may have done.


I was trying to figure out why my turn signals wasn't working (I bought the car without the signals working) so I first took out the ignition covers to check. Then after reading some topics here, I found a green/white stripe wire near the pedals that looked connected to a screw near the pedals into the body. It is 2 wires crimped into a male connector. It's separate part of a harness that goes into a big 6 pin hella relay, but it sticks out on its own. Can someone tell me what this is because I had thought it might be ground, but now my RPM doesn't work when I started the car and my fuel pump stopped working.


Any help appreciated. Thank you

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Ok after more digging, I solved the fuel pump issue, they wired it to fuse box. When I pulled the fuse box I found a female connector loose and sourced it to the fuel pump. Got it to work now. But can someone tell me what this wire is? 


It seems to have constant current when the car is running after I took a test light into it



It seems to match this green/white stripe wire connected to the harness of the signal light switch.


I'm not sure if I should just connect the two and see what happens, I'd hate to source a short if it happens.


Thank you

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Oh and I also wanted to add, the car came with euro signals with 2 separate bulbs for signal and park light. 


Can anyone help explain why when I have the park lights on, the passenger front signal stays on, but when I remove the unit, it turns off and the park light stays on. But once I put it back in the fender, the park light turns off and the signal stays on.


Sorry to bombard you guys with all these issues, I'm new to the car and am not very good with electrical issues. 

Thank you again!

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BMW ground wires are usually brown. So that pair should not be attached to a screw. It doesn't look long enough to reach the relay; I suspect it would go to an un-installed circuit to do something, and likely that it's protective covering sleeve has come off/been removed. AS to your side light staying on, this might be the euro parking light arrangement, whereby you use the turn signal to light up one side of the car or the other while parked overnight. Maybe. Check for wiring diagrams on the 2002tii site.

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