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What are these wheels?


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As others said, the wheels you stumbles onto are from a E21 320i.  Highly recommend that you look for a wheel with the correct offset for a 2002, The E21 wheels that you have will work on a 2002 but they are not the ideal fit due to the offset.  A 2002 wheel has an offset of ET29 IIRC and a E21 wheel has an offset of ET 13.  As Hans said, good luck finding decent tires in 13" in the US. market. Even decent 14" tires are getting harder to find. If you want a cheap alternative to E21 wheel, find a set of E30 bottlecap or basketweave wheels and run 195/60-14 tires.  E30 wheels have an offset of ET 35 which is much closer to an original 02 offset than a E21 wheel. You can find aftermarket 15" wheels (run 195/50-15 tires) with an offset of ET 25 that will look great on a 2002. This issue has been discussed many tires over on this forum, look through the archives to learn more on this subject. Over the years I've gone from stock 02 steel wheels, to bottle caps, E30 bottlecaps, E30 basketweaves, 15" Alpina replica's, to 15" Rota RB wheels. I have some 4X100 aftermarket 15" wheels (Centra and MSW) in storage so I haven't lost my wheel whore status just yet.



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Those E21 wheels are ET18, end they are very nice to drive.


13" tyres are easy and cheap to get in europe.


Spoke wheels are Melber 6x13", ET13, with 205/60R13.

Bottle caps are Mahle/BMW 5x13", ET29, with 165/80R13.


I also have Borrani/Alpina 5.5x13" steel wheels, 6x13" RG spoke wheels, 7x15 TSW Imola R, 7x15 MIM, etc... And original 5x13 steel wheels of course.


I have owned this car since 1991, so I have few wheels...


I would like to buy next 225/60R13 and put them on 7x13 steel wheels. They fit rear with right ET, which is near stock numbers. 235/50R13 and 7.5x13" are plausible.


Sorry my bad english, I hope you understand me.





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