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Here are a few pictures of my Lincoln IRS 8.8 installed in my 1976 2002. I am about 75%complete. I bought the unit on craigslist saturday and installed it sunday. So far it has been the easiest part of this engine/drivtrain swap. to date I have installed GM 383, Ford T-5 Trans, custom trans crossmember, fabricated new floor pans and trans tunnel, machined rear hubs to fit VW GTI front rotors and installed lincoln/ford 8.8 center section. Lots of work but lots of fun so far. Bill Wilkinson, Knoxville,Tn post-46375-0-55633400-1415638645_thumb.jpost-46375-0-69661300-1415638663_thumb.jpost-46375-0-38728200-1415638679_thumb.j








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Wow! A lot of time has surely gone into this! Cool! 


...I've been working out the details of mounting a T5 to an M10... seeing as how you just threw in the motor also maybe you could shed some light... How much needed to be cut out of the trans tunnel to fit the T5? is it just the bellhousing section that is too large or are there clearance issues between the rest of the transmission and the narrower section of the tunnel also? 


P.S. Thats a beautiful Mill! 

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