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I Dipped My 2002....plasti Dip!


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OK...not the whole car, actually just the wiper arms.  One thing has been bothering me for a long time.  My windshield wipers.  The arms are silver from the factory, and the wipers are black.  Which creates this 2 tone thing that I hated.



So I wanted to paint my wiper arms black so they would match.  I have satin black paint in the garage, but they would require a good amount prepping and what if I didn’t like it?  So while in Pep Boys I passed by Plasti Dip.


I have seen it a lot and have heard of people doing an entire car.  The cool thing is that it completely peels off if you don’t like it.  So I took a chance and decided to try it out.  Well here are the results.  I am VERY happy with the look and the ease of use of the product.  I literally did zero prep work.  I put down about 3 or 4 coats and it went on quickly and easily.  Its got a slightly rubber feel to it and looks like satin black paint.  Now my wiper blades match my wiper arms.


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WARNING: It hardly ever peels off as intended. My boss ended up having to completely re-spray his car after he had difficulty removing the plasti-dip. It is NOT worth doing the entire car. Or anything you really care about, IMHO. If you want a cheap and quick cover for your paint, get a proper vinyl wrap. Save yourself the heart-ache and trouble.

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