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Help Needed Today--Radiator Or 2002 Contacts--Vir


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I am at Virginia International Raceway today and tomorrow (Sat/Sun) and am looking for a replacement radiator for a '73 2002. It is a track car with no fan so any radiator that will fit will work. Eg, 320i, pinto, etc. If you have one or know of someone who does within a 1-2 hour drive of the track please contact me at the e-mail below.


I am also looking for contact information for the following folks that might be able to help--Billy Revis, Bob Breed, Perry Genova, April Curtis, and Paul Tillery. Please e-mail me contact info if you have it.


This for my friend John who drove from upsatet New York to be here. I am hoping we can get him back on track.Many thanks--Fred 


e-mail to fabeck at gmail dot com

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Thanks to all that replied. Talked to James Posig, he is focused on newer BMW's at this point and did not have a radiator. By the time I talked to Al Taylor it became apparent that the issue was deeper than the radiator. At first we thought is was just a weak radiator (not a 2002 radiator, but an aluminum core with plastic side tanks that came with an old tube-frame 2002 race car my friend bought 15 years ago), but now I think there was an issue causing the engine to run hot in the first place. The engine had just had the bottom end redone, but the head was not checked for straight.


After finding a radiator that fit but really was way too small (very thin core), the car overheated within 1/2 a lap (1.5 miles). By the time the driver noticed it was over 250°F, which as you know means the head almost certainly warped. A larger radiator was sourced and we spent until midnight making space for it (major nose panel surgery with a cutoff wheel and hammer). It's a track car and pretty "used", so purists need not be concerned about us fitting a non-stock radiator. (On my track car I have a removable front clip so I can run whatever cooling system I want.)


We had started the car after being towed in and there was no white smoke, so we thought we had dodged the bullet. Unfortunately examination of the oil Sunday morning when we were going to hook up the oil cooler confirmed a blown head gasket, so I was calling Al about a head gasket to try to salvage a session or two before rebuilding the engine. Unfortunately his 4-cylinder parts were not near him, and parts stores in that region do not tend to stock head gaskets for a 45-year old BMW. So, my friend got about 2.5 laps total for all his efforts.


At least he did get a ride with Phil Ackley in his heavily modified (full heim joint suspension) E21 320i race car (triple Webers) on Hoosiers, which was really great. I got to take my student for a ride in his own car, so I did get a few laps in for the end of the season. Now focus is on prep for next year, planning to finally install the slide throttle and Haltech ECU.



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