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Wheel Weight And Performance


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I am looking at replacing my BBS RZ 14" wheels with15" wheels that weigh 15 pounds each. I was wondering does anyone know the weight of the E30 14" BBS RZ wheels? Also would 15" tires be a tad lighter since they are about the same width but slightly lower sidewall? 195/60/14 vs 195/50/15? On my first 02 I went to a pretty heavy 15" setup from stock 13s and the performance was considerable as far as acceleration. Handling was greatly improved though. Thanks!

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Check http://www.tirerack.com for tire weights.  They list all of them in the specs. Lighter wheel tire combo will improve all. Your sluggishness in acceleration w=might have also been due to difference in diameter. But yes, lighter wheel/tire combo works wonders on performance improvements.


Most of the 15" tires will be in 20lb range. So that is 20lb on the outer diameter of the combo. You have took at the combo for it's full rotational mass.


steve k.


p.s. i run 13lb wheel with 22lb tires

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