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Quick Hex Wrench Size Question-Diff Drain Plug


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I was wondering if anyone knows the size of the hex wrench needed for the

two fill/drain plugs on the diff (75 short if that matters).


I assume it is a metric size and I did a rough measurement with a ruler and it appears to

be somewhere around 9-11 mm.


The REALOEM parts map only gives this designation (M22x1, 5-2Ns3), and I assume the

"22" is the size of the plug itself, not the hex hole.


And yes I did search the forum but no hits......


Thanks - Randy

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"What you need:

A diff

Two 17mm combo wrenches

17mm socket

19mm combo wrench

19mm socket

17mm socket

6mm hex socket (for 2002 cv joints)

8mm hex socket (if you have 320 cv joints)"


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