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2002 Faq New Look Is Awesome!!!


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It's nice that the screen does not flash to black any more.  It had gotten very 'glitchy' on my computer. 



It all started with pop-ups for Java and Infected site warnings, then problems with black screen and 'features' not working.


Symptoms on my computer were a black screen when I brought up the page, until I scrolled down so the uppermost part of the page was not on the screen and then the blackness would at least go away, but certain features were not functional.


I thought all was well, until I clicked on the "Post pics of YOUR wheels!!!!" thread and the issues returned when I scrolled down to post # 124.  The screen fades to streaky gray and scrolling chops it into horizontal slices when I get half way down the photo (on post 124).  Same problem with the photo on post # 127,  but it happens at the top of the photo.  It is very specific and consistent.   


I have been having trouble differentiating between site problems and personal computer problems.  This is the first time I have had either. 


I just thought I would describe my experiences, in case others were/are having similar ones.


EDIT:  I spoke too soon.  Still having similar problems with the screen turning black... though intermittently. 

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the only recent change i see is missing drop down menus, no post formatting, missing google search and inability to upload images


I have to agree with esty. This is what happens when I used the quote on her comment. I'm missing the google site search already. I can no longer follow a topic without posting on it.

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