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wrong Mr. Robspeed... intellecutal property law 101...

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Guest Anonymous

Rob, the copyright of any work begins at the moment of tangible creation and belongs to the creator with no registration of the copyright nor © copyright symbol needed. Now your post below gave an indication that your are an attorney, so I think you should do some research on past and current copyright law as you've misinformed the posters on your fine website (and I'm not being insuting in any manner as I post here and consider it a fine website). Here's a few links to pursue for posters regarding copyrights of photos and art in general:






and an excellent source with many links:


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Guest Anonymous

Granted, I don't know squat about state courts or bankruptcy law, but then I don't comment on them and then list my legal credentials.

I do know a lot about IP law. Why? Because that is what my clients pay me for. In this case, the photog knows more than the J.D. Fordham 1998.

Since before you started law school, copyright notice has been optional in the US under the Berne convention. In fact, there is no legal benefit to putting a notice on your work. There is a legal benefit to registration as timely registration increases the money you may get if you bring an infringment action and registration is a requirement to bring an infringement action.

Jay has listed some good resources, and I would add the US Library of Congress as another good reference, if he hasn't already listed it.

Send me a message at ket354(at)yahoo(dot)com if you need my pedigree.

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