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Front Nose Replacement


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Going to replace the front nose and hood after my little fender bender.  Was hoping anyone out there has any pointers or could give me the do's and don'ts.  Have a replacement already and wanted to do it close to factory as possible.  I know there are a few spot welds on the top "flaps" (photo 4) and on Anita there is a weld on the same part but perpendicular below the top "flap" (photo 3) .  Bolt inside the fender well (photo 2) and of course the radiator, wiring harness harness (photo 1), and battery tray need to go.  I will also need to cut out a section for the passenger side rail along the bottom of the inside of the nose.  Unless someone has a 76' chaminox nose and hood they want to change for an early model.  TIA.











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Previously discussed a few posts down...see my comments about the outer sheet metal vs the radiator support.  If only the outer skin was damaged, you might be better advised to either straighten or find a parts car with the part you need undamaged.  Much easier (and less expensive) than replacing the whole nose.



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