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1968 Sunroof 2002 On Ebay.

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Not mine, no affiliation.


1968 model year 2002's are rare. If the VIN for this car verifies that it is a '68 model year car -- and not, for instance, a '69 model year car manufactured during the '68 calendar year, and if it has a factory sunroof, it is rare and desireable. Perhaps not as rare and desireable as the $8,500 minimum bid suggests, but worth investing some money.

I don't offhand know if Inka -- it's current color, maybe -- was yet available in '68. I suspect not. And it's got '75-'76 front seats, square taillight rims and steering wheel, amber-center taillight lenses, so there are lots of missing '68 goodies. But still, an early-style outside rearview mirror in correct location for a '68! Manage your expectations, however, as the seller couldn't post a credible VIN so he/she is certainly not a member of this forum!

Happy shopping,


Location: California<br />Year: 1968<br />Make: BMW<br />Model: 2002<br />

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