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Hi guys,


A quick background.

My car has been standing for the past 4 weeks, during which time

I did a 5-speed swop. After completion I drove around with no problems, 

except that the basic electrical components don't work.

The indicators, brake lights, horn and windscreen wipers have stopped

working. However I can engage the parking side lights as well as the emergency

flasher, so I know power is getting through on other circuits.

I've checked the fuses and the battery voltage and they're all A ok.


Any thoughts on what the obvious thing may be that I'm missing here ?

Are these components linked in some way ?

Would a bad grounding affect them ?


Many thanks for your responses in advance.




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Thanks for the input guys.

After studying the electrical schematics and wiggling

several wires I went back to the fuse box. 

Dug out the schematic for my 12 fuse style layout,

pulled out no.12, low and behold it came apart in my fingers.

It was a fairly new fuse too! I just overlooked it. 

As you say David, they can look Ok, but actually be faulty.



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The metal fusible link on those cartridge fuses both corrode and actually wear through.  They're much softer than the spring brass clips that they rest in, and the car's vibration will cause the brass to wear right through the metal on the fuse.  You won't notice the worn spot until you acctually remove the fuse from its holder.  The brass holders also corrode, and should be cleaned at least annually--more often if you live near the ocean.  An old-fashioned typewriter eraser makes a dandy cleaner for fuse holders...




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