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A Milestone--My 10,000Th Post

Mike Self

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Yes, I do have a life beside the FAQ--but I just have too much fun reading and commenting.  Not to mention that I learn new stuff every day.  


I was checking the Board whenever I could get on the internet during our recent trip to China.  Didn't see any 2002s, but there are a lot of BMWs in China--all new ones.  




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Congrats!  Quite a milestone, and quite a few FAQ'ers that have benefited from the generous sharing of your encyclopedic knowledge of 2002's.  I include myself in that grateful group, since the time that the Roundel was a tiny little publication.


Here's to another 10,000!   :blink:


Regards, Maurice.

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   You're a huge help! I always look forward to hearing from you when I post something. I think everyone will agree your advice and knowledge is massively appreciated. You make it so that young guys like myself can really get into the madness of loving and modifying these little dingys.


The Chinese car industry is weird, the Top Gear episode about it is worth a watch.


Thanks for being here,




Hmmm this is my 100th post...creeeeepy happy Halloween ya'll 

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Many congratulations, Mike!

For the sake of all '02 owners present and future, I hope that 10,000 posts represents but a tiny fraction of your lifetime posts to this and successor '02 forums! Very, very, very few forum members are irreplaceable, but you are certainly one of them. Thanks for all you do, and have done, for this forum and for '02 owners everywhere!

Best regards,


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