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Where Would The Drain Hole Come Out?


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So my car has a sunroof, but it did not have one when it was born.  So I gotta drill a hole where it is suppose to be.  Any advice or opinion as to where it shold be drilled?  Inches down from the pillar?  Any advice would be great.


Inner fender, no hole


post-37958-0-78321100-1414602145_thumb.j      post-37958-0-00213700-1414602181_thumb.j

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My car drained into the rockers in the front when I bought it. What I did was to drill a exit hole from inside the car to the inner fender. Once the kick panel is removed, there is an access hole to the inner fender where you can put the hole. Once the hole was drilled, I put a big punch in the hole and bent the surrounding metal so the hose would not have a sharp bend.

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I did exactly as Peter did when we did Jenn's car.


The only thing I would add is to seal up around the exiting tube, as water can get driven back in there otherwise.


Same in back.


Easy, makes cleaning really stuck drains a lot easier, and reduces the rust factor by about 3 orders of magnitude.


What I would add is to cover up all  the seams in the ROOF, as well- there are a lot of folds up there, and 

if you ever have a moisture problem in the car, water condenses up there and gets into those seams. So while it's all

apart, treat them as wet seams, and if you ever have a problem with water in the car 

(even if the sunroof just gets left open in the rain, or a drain plugs)

then you won't have a roof- rust problem



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The suggested procedure is to reroute the rear drain tubes from the rocker to the top of the wheel arch--see pic for small plastic plumbing nipple for install. The front drain tubes exit the side of the bulkhead just below the reinforcing plate--see red dot on your pic. The hole is malformed (use a big screwdriver) so there is no bend in the tube. I would suggest running the drain tube to just below the rocker.



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