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Cleaning out my garage and am wondering whats worth saving vs recycling?  Some stuff potentially has a core deposit if I ever need a replacement, some is NLA and can be retrofitted (ie the oil pump pickup to a later model oil pump?), most is probably just for the metal recycle bin.


what i have:

-disassembled 4 speed transmission (keep for the syncros?  i have another 4 speed that will need to be rebuilt with a second gear syncro going on it)

-3.64 rear open diff (keep the gears/pumpkin/shims, my car still has a 3.64 open in it)

-engine, did a full rebuild.  chains, guides, sprockets, bearings, pistons, all go i presume?  water pump and oil pump (working condition coming out) not sure about.  stock cam, rocker arm rails, old rocker arms/springs/valves, unsure?

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