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Differential Issue


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Took the back off my differential last night as I am restoring my 72 BMW and noticed that the Bevel gears are cut on the teeth. makes a fairly loud sound when you spin it by hand. I went online to buy new bevel gears and guess what? They are no longer made. Any thoughts other than buying another differential? I am sure I could find one but wondering if there are any other options?



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You mean the center spider gears?  It's pretty common for them to gall very noticeably.   And even when they're new,

they're pretty clunk- clunk- clunky.

It's one reason that 'drifting' a 2002 is not such a clever idea- those gears are very overstressed as it is,

and lighting up one tire is about the worst thing you can do to them.


Unless they are terrible, you can use them that way for a long time.  Yes, the fix is another diff, but the chances

are that the spider gears in that will be rough.  Your best bet is with a late 320 diff- they are beefed up for

that car, and seem to age a lot better.



Now, if you mean the spiral-bevel drive gears (ring and pinion) those are pretty tough in a 2002, and if they're chewed

up, it is time for a new diff.





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