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Help Needed From You M42 Conversion Folks

Mike Self

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Need a little help for my E30 318is...and if you parted an E30 to get your M42 motor, you might be able to help me.  Looking for two small plastic tubes that connect the air cleaner with the plastic baffle that fits behind the left headlights. One fits into the air cleaner, the other into the baffle.  PO of my E30 installed a K&N filter assy, and I want to return to the stock air cleaner.  Have the air cleaner box, but not those two tubes.  The air cleaner opening is an odd size (3 1/4") so can't just use a piece of plastic plumbing pipe.  Already tried!


Soon as I find 'em, I will offer the K&N filter assembly for sale (with cleaning kit)--it will work perfectly on an M42/44 equipped 2002 if you relocate the battery.


BTW, those tubes are unique to the M42 setup in an E30; M20 and M10 equipped cars use different parts.

On the RealOEM breakdown, they're parts 12 & 13.





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Those little boots are usually lost or torn. They're still available from BMW so if you want some nice ones that'd probably be the way to go. Parts numbers are 13711727097 and 13711727094 but Penske Parts is quoting $53 for the main boot which is pretty high. Might want to shop around with the part numbers and see if anyone has them cheaper.

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