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New Pilot Bearing. Use Felt Or Not?


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I just removed my original pilot bearing.  I used the "bread" method of removal.  Worked like a charm.


As the bearing was coming out, 3 pieces proceeded it.  A metal cap, a felt washer (presumably held lubricant at one time) and a cover for the roller bearing.


I've read through the archives and it appears that the original roller bearing was "open" so the cover, felt and cap were used to protect it and keep it lubricated.


Further reading suggests that I don't need to use the cap/felt/cover, if I'm replacing with a sealed bearing which comes included in the Sachs clutch kit.


I'd like more opinions, as these parts may play a "spacing" roll as well as the old school lubrication.


Thoughts please.


Cheers,  Paul

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