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My Son James Gets Hit By A Motorcycle In His 02


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Poor James is in Hollywood last night , turning left on a green light, traffic blocks the street so they wait for James to make his left turn , all cool but a motorcycle does not stop & ploughs into James , Cops witness it , luckily no one is hurt except the car & bike. His first accident in 3 years of driving his 02 , luckily not his fault , over to the insurance company. We will be looking for local panels , hood , nose & fender , I have grills but the re-chromed kidney is damaged too , Also need a pass side US turn signal housing , I cannot find my spares after we moved shop !









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That was no moped!  Must have been a big bike to cause that kind of damage.  Glad (1) rider and driver are OK and (2) it was the other guy's fault, and he has insurance.  Looks like just sheet metal, so a fairly easy repair, and no unobtanium parts were damaged.


As a daily 02 driver, I always shudder when I see a bent 2002, 'cause I know it could (and has) happen(ed) to me.




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sorry your 1year shitstorm has not ended yet.........glad all are okay.





If that was his other car the result may have been much worse



good luck with repairs

hope the insurance company doesn't want to total the car

this might be a good thing

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